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Sat, 25 Feb 2017 16:00:01 PST

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Sat, 25 Feb 2017 16:00:01 PST

Sunday, February 26, 2017

SHALOK, THIRD MEHL: Service to the True Guru is fruitful and rewarding, if one performs it with his mind focused on it. The fruits of the mind’s desires are obtained, and egotism departs from within. His bonds are broken, and he is liberated; he remains absorbed in the True Lord. It is so difficult to obtain the Naam in this world; it comes to dwell in the mind of the Gurmukh. O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to one who serves his True Guru. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: The mind of the self-willed manmukh is so very stubborn; it is stuck in the love of duality. He does not find peace, even in dreams; he passes his life in misery and suffering. The Pandits have grown weary of going door to door, reading and reciting their scriptures; the Siddhas have gone into their trances of Samaadhi. This mind cannot be controlled; they are tired of performing religious rituals. The impersonators have grown weary of wearing false costumes, and bathing at the sixty-eight sacred shrines. They do not know the state of their own minds; they are deluded by doubt and egotism. By Guru’s Grace, the Fear of God is obtained; by great good fortune, the Lord comes to abide in the mind. When the Fear of God comes, the mind is restrained, and through the Word of the Shabad, the ego is burnt away. Those who are imbued with Truth are immaculate; their light merges in the Light. Meeting the True Guru, one obtains the Name; O Nanak, he is absorbed in peace. || 2 || PAUREE: The pleasures of kings and emperors are pleasing, but they last for only a few days. These pleasures of Maya are like the color of the safflower, which wears off in a moment. They do not go with him when he departs; instead, he carries the load of sins upon his head. When death seizes him, and marches him away, then he looks absolutely hideous. That lost opportunity will not come into his hands again, and in the end, he regrets and repents. || 6 ||

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